To discover the origins of l’Antarragó is to talk about love for the land and family tradition.
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Mario Pons

L’Antarragó is the result of the baggage and drive of Mario Pons, the soul of the project.

Mario Pons ’passion for oleiculture dates back to his godfather Màrius, who passed on his respect for the land and its fruits.

After 30 years of experience in the olive-growing sector, Mario Pons created the company in 2014, moved by the desire to unite knowledge and innovation and driven by a great challenge: to produce the best extra virgin olive oil by honest and meticulous methods.

The culture that defines us

L’Antarragó is the fruit of a local plantation of controlled production, of precise irrigation, and cold extraction that guarantees the preservation of all the olive’s organoleptic qualities.

The extraction process, thorough and painstaking, ensures that our olives are cold pressed, thereby reducing the extraction time and selecting the best of our fruit. This pressing process occurs just a few hours after harvest and guarantees that our oil’s quality is unbeatable, 100% extra virgin.

By striving for maximum quality through the entire process, we guarantee an exclusive, pure and select oil.