Artisanal oil
L’Antarragó is an extra virgin olive oil as select as the land it grows from and as unique and full of nuances as the name which defines it.
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Artisanal oil

It is a Premium oil, made from arbequina olives and created to be enjoyed at any moment.
It is the fruit of local production and precise and studied methods which guarantee its excellent quality.

The name

L’Antarragó owes the strength of its name to the estate its fruit blossoms from. A quickly growing area that covers the best passages of the roots of a land, Castelldans (Lleida). A unique location where arbequina is essence, olive trees are culture and olive oil is character.

The essence

L’Antarragó is a natural product impregnated with the tradition of its origins, but with a view of the future, technical and up-to-date.

It is the result of precise, accurate and conscientious work that aims to extract the arbequina’s essence in an honest, thorough and enjoyable way.

The tradition of the product and the modernity of the technique, a perfect dichotomy.

The taste

The oil of L’Antarragó has the characteristic flavour of arbequina oil, where the biggest parts are played by little nuances.

Notes of freshly-cut grass combined with the characteristic fragrance of green olives, all balanced with a light aroma of fresh almond and tomato leaf.

In mouth, the light taste of artichoke so typical of the arbequina. Spicy in harmony with a fruity green olive sensation.

Notes of apple and banana can also be perceived, perfectly blending with their high fruity flavour. These sensations add an air of great complexity and harmony.